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Tea tree hair oil

If you dream of having shinier and healthier hair, then oiling your hair daily, or at least regularly, is one of the best ways to keep it smooth. As it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which aids in the repairment of damaged hair. This will give your hair a smoother and shinier appearance. Tea tree hair oil is perfect for the treatment of dandruff and head lice. It gets deeply absorbed in the scalp and provides nutrition and makes your hair healthy and well moisturized.

v  Benefits of tea tree oil


Ø  Good for oily scalp – This oil controls the excess oil produced by sebaceous glands in the scalp and regulates the oil production that promotes healthier and shinier hair.

Ø  Promotes new hair growth- Tea tree oil is effective in enhancing the condition of the scalp generally, creating a favorable environment for healthy hair growth.

Ø  Effective for lice treatment- It has an antibacterial property that helps in treating parasitic insects that feed on blood on the scalp and stops them from growing which results in lice treatment.

v Additional information

Ø  Ginger oil is beneficial in regulating blood circulation on the scalp and boosts hair growth. It is enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help strengthen the hair.

Ø  Bhringaraj stimulates the hair follicles and reduces inflammation when massaged into the scalp. It makes the hair thicker, lustrous, stronger, and shinier.