Product detail

Red onion conditioner

For the perfect growth and nourishment of hair, shampoo and conditioners always play a vital role. Only Shampooing your hair isn’t sufficient for the proper health of the hair as it is specifically designed for cleansing the dirt in the scalp, and removing dead skin cells while using conditioner helps in making your hair smooth and manageable. Red onion conditioner re-hydrates the hair and restores the essential nutrients required for the growth of the hair and protects the hair from damage.

v  Benefits of red onion conditioner

Ø  Promotes healthy scalp - This conditioner promotes scalp health and keeps you away from all hair issues like rough hair, hair breakage, and reduced hair shine are all associated with dandruff, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis

Ø  Prevents the hairs from becoming dry - This conditioner is enriched with essential ingredients that make the hair less dry.  So that it appears more smooth and lustrous like never before.

Ø  Provides complete nourishment  - The goodness of the essential ingredients used in the conditioner helps in proper nourishment of hairs from tip to end also it moisturizes the hair, which solves all your hair issues and is suitable for all hair & scalp types.

v  Additional information

Ø  Rosemary:  it is an excellent ingredient for stimulation of hair growth. It gives your hair an extra healthy boost and has anti-inflammatory properties that promote hair growth.

Ø  Beetroot: it is an essential ingredient specially used for strengthening the hair follicles. Beetroot works as a fantastic conditioner, adding natural color and making the hair beautiful.