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Foot cream

Say goodbye to cracked feet with this all-new innovative Foot Cream by Skin Recipe and pamper your feet daily with its immense goodness of magical ingredients. Having a good-looking, well moisturized, and crack-free foot is every girl's dream as it prevents us from many skin issues related to the feet. You can care for your feet by investing in the right foot cream. This Foot cream is specifically designed to keep your skin hydrated, well-nourished, and moisturized and prevent it from getting cracked or dry.

v Benefits of Foot Cream

Nurtures the feet This Foot Cream retains the moisture in the skin's layers, produces a protective barrier over the feet, and prevents them from getting dry or chapped. It results in providing a soft foot that you've dream of.

Safeguards your feet:Severe cuts and cracks occur when we're barefoot due to environmental aggressors. Regular use of this foot cream shields your feet from the damage, resulting in beautiful and soft feet.

Provides a light foot- Just like the face creams are essential in keeping your face feel soft and moisturized, so in the same way foot creams are also essential in preventing your feet from getting dry and chapped and giving you a relaxing and soothing effect after every application.

v Additional information

Shea butter is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for preventing redness or cracks in your foot. It gives a soothing & calming effect to your feet and makes you feel super light and relaxed.

Turmeric oil we all know how powerful and magical this ingredient is. It is an effective healing agent that relieves cuts, bruises, or cracks and results in the softening of the heels.

Moroccan Argan oil is enriched with softening properties. If you're having issues like cracked or dry feet, this ingredient plays a great role in preventing these issues and making your foot soft, supple, and moisturized.

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