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Stretch Marks Body Butter

Having stretch marks is an issue for every woman. It is caused due to various reasons such as the main reason is pregnancy also it can be caused because of heavyweight. Getting rid of them is a long process, but using the right products can ease your process. The Stretch Mark Body Butter, designed by Skin Recipe, is made with the goodness of natural ingredients that make it a fantastic product that will resolve your problems related to stretch marks. It has an intensely moisturizing formula that soothes the inflammation and scars and provides a soft skin.

v Benefits of Stretch Mark Body Butter

Enhances skin elasticity- This butter is enriched with the goodness of essential ingredients that makes the skin tighten and helps in increasing the skin elasticity.

Lower marks: Regular use of this Stretch Mark Body Butter helps decrease the appearance of the bulky stretch marks by promoting the growth of the cells and making the skin more soft & supple.

Provides proper nourishment- This butter is enriched with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that help reduce scars and give clear, hydrated, well-nourished skin.

v Additional information

Shea butter is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that work amazingly in lowering stretch marks. It gives a soothing & calming effect to your skin and makes you feel super light and relaxed.

Cocoa butter is an excellent ingredient that absorbs deeply into the skin layers and reduces the marks profoundly as it retains moisture and provides soft skin.

Coconut oil is a powerful ingredient that is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps heal the existing stretch marks and prevents the formation of new stretch marks. It provides hydration and nourishment to the skin.

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