Top Dermatologist Recommended Hair Serum

 Dermatologist Recommended Hair Serum: With the changing lifestyle, bad diet, and stressful lives, people are facing hair fall and grey hair problems at a very young age. You might be wondering if you are applying the best shampoo, conditioner, and oil but still, your hair fall is not stopping permanently. It's because you are missing the multitasked product- hair serum! Skin Recipe is committed to providing the best to its customers in the market. We have put years of research to formulate one such product that can treat your hair fall, and grey hair issues while offering your other benefits like smooth, silky, and frizz-free hair. Taking into consideration the busy schedules of people these days, Skin Recipe resorted to developing a Dermatologist Recommended Hair Serum that is easy to apply and creates no mess! We are a proud brand that believes in formulating hair serums not just for styling purposes but also to help you solve your severe hair fall and grey hair problem from the root.

What are Hair Serums?

Hair serums are jam-packed with a powerful concentration of essential nutrients that help soften, smooth, and protect the hair from environmental aggressors. Hair serums keep your hair glossy and smooth all day long. Moreover, Serums are styling solutions that, depending on the active ingredients present, can treat various hair problems. They can enhance hair's gloss, lessen frizz, and also shield it from heat damage.
Different types of hair serums can address various hair issues. The ideal serum to use depends on a person's hair type and particular hair problem. Hair serum is basically a styling treatment that covers the surface of the hair to offer a number of advantages. It is always recommended to use hair serum recommended by dermatologist because dermatologists are experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating skin and hair conditions. You can try out Skin Recipe’s Dermatologist Recommended Hair Serum to eliminate your hair issues.

What are the benefits of hair serums?

Your hair can benefit from hair serum in a number of different ways. Let's examine the benefits of hair serum for your beautiful hair.
1. Say bye to frizzy hair
Your hair might appear frizzy or dry if they are fragile or damaged. Additionally, you can experience flyaways or hair that seems to be standing on end. These problems can be managed with the help of hair serums because it gives weak strands additional weight and solidity. Hair serums contain silicon which has the capacity to cover your hair that preserves the pattern of your natural hair. Some hair serums have Hydrolyzed proteins that can aid in reducing the static charge which results in frizz and flyaways.
2 . Welcome Smooth Hair
The anti-frizz properties of hair serum also aid to enhance your hair's smoothness. This is brought on by silicone's coating effect, which gives the illusion of smooth, glossy strands. So forget the dull and dry hair and welcome smooth and silky hair.

3. No More Tangles
Your hair is less prone to tangle or knot if it is smooth and silky. Hair serum's detangling properties can make combing, styling, and managing your hair simpler. So, now not only your time is saved but also you need not bear the pain of detangling the hair.
4. Love the Shine
Your hair will often appear glossier and shinier when it is smooth. Additionally, certain silicones included in hair serums have the ability to reflect light, enhancing the illusion of overall shine. So, treat your hair issues with Skin Recipe hair serums along with the glossy shine.

Know the Correct Way of Applying Hair Serums

It's crucial to apply your hair serum correctly if you want to receive the maximum benefit from it. This is the procedure that you should follow while using hair serums:
● Apply your first coat of hair serum to clean, wet hair for the greatest effects.
● In the palm of your hand, take 3 to 5 drops of hair serum. For five seconds, warm the serum between your palms. This will help in the better absorption of hair serum.
● Apply the serum to your hair, working your way up to the center of your strands from the ends. With your hands, try to distribute the serum evenly. Applying too much serum or applying it to your roots might make your hair appear oily or greasy so, be careful.
● Apply hair serum to your hair and massage it very gently. The damaging act of tugging through your hair should be avoided.
● Once you have done applying the serum, carefully comb your hair preferably with a wide tooth comb from the center to the ends to spread the serum evenly.
● As normal, style your beautiful hair.
● You may touch up your hair with a serum as needed during the day.
The Dermatologist Recommended Hair Serum by Skin Recipe is to be applied on the scalp as it targets your hair issues from within. Moreover, you can use our hair serum recommended by dermatologist in AM and PM routine.