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Grey again hair serum

Hair problems are the most crucial issues in every girl’s life. One solution to all hair problems is Hair serums. It is constructed with a silicone foundation, which is a rubber-like material that rests on top of your strands and coats the hair’s surface. For various hair objectives, various types of hair serums are available. GREY AGAIN HAIR SERUM by SKIN RECIPE adds gloss, lessens frizz, and also offers protection from different kinds of harm.

v  Benefits of Grey again hair serum 

Ø  Restores the natural hair color - This serum contains an active ingredient that prevents graying hair by regimenting hair and promoting positive emotions.

Ø  Enhances the luster of hair – This serum has lustrous properties in it that enhance the appearance of overall shine in the hair and your hair will typically appear glossier.

Ø  Effective in controlling fizz- Your hair may appear frizzy or dry if it is weak and damaged. This serum helps in resolving these issues and gives you frizz-free hair.

v Additional information

Ø Arcolys® restores the natural pigment of the hair by increasing the production of melanin in the roots. It combats early graying by reducing oxidative stress in the hair follicles and promoting darker, healthier hair.

Ø Biotin promotes healthy hair growth and strength to hair. It naturally stimulates the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles and stops hair loss.

Ø  Salvia officinalis is calming hair tonic for dry scalp that is rich in antioxidants, astringent, and antibacterial properties. It helps in the  darkening of grey hair and gives black and lustrous hair.