Product detail

Redensyl hair oil

Having strong, healthy, and glossy hair is every girl’s dream. This dream can be fulfilled with the proper hair care regime. The most effective way to get healthier hair is by oiling them with the oil that suits it best as per the needs of the hair and scalp. Redensyl Hair oil is a perfect solution for your hair needs. It is enriched with pure plant extracts that reactivates the hair follicles which helps in restoring hair growth and makes hair stronger and thicker.

v  Benefits of Redensyl Hair oil
Ø    Accelerates hair growth - It works to increase hair density by stimulating stronger hair follicles for regrowth of hair. Regular use of this hair oil will make your hair shinier, healthier, and glossier.

Ø     Promotes a healthier scalp- This oil is enriched with essential oils that nourish & moisturize the scalp and makes it healthier and stronger.

Ø   Get shinier and lustrous hair- This oil is a mix of nutritious oils that are rich in the goodness of natural extracts of essential ingredients that promotes lustrous hair.

v  Additional information

Ø  Redensyl is filled with natural plant extracts that assist to reawaken the hair follicles and promote hair growth by strengthening and thickening the hair.


Ø  Onion seed oil is high in sulfur, which helps with breakage, split ends, hair fall, and hair regrowth. It also has antifungal properties that help in keeping the scalp issues away.

Ø  Bhringaraj stimulates hair follicles, soothes inflammation, and promotes a thickening, strengthening, and shining of the hair.