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Hair growth serum

Hair serums play the best role in the treatment of extremely frizzy and unmanageable hair. There are various hair serums according to various hair problems. Depending on the type of serums for your hair goal, it is necessary to choose the best serum for your hair. Hair growth serum by Skin recipe, as the name suggests is used for the growth and strengthening of your hairs, and along with that it adds shine, and frizz and improves the hair texture.

v  Benefits of Hair serums 


Ø  Makes hair shinier and healthier – This serum promotes hair growth by boosting the shine and glossiness in hair and nourishes the scalp from tip to end with its enriched essential ingredients.


Ø  Helps in reducing tangles- Removing tangles is the most boring and hardest thing to do on daily basis. But thanks to this hair serum that helps in reducing tangles smoothly and effectively.


Ø  Get Your Strands Soft- Extremely damaged or dry hair seems so fragile that when touched it broke. So, the application of hair serum can help revive your strands and makes them even smoother and simpler to handle.

v  Additional information

Ø  Redensyl is enriched with pure plant extracts that reactivate the hair follicles which helps in restoring hair growth and makes hair stronger and thicker.


Ø  Procapil activates dormant hair follicle that helps in regrowing the hair. It nourishes the hair from top to end which promotes hair growth.


Ø  Anagain is effective in stimulating hair growth by restoring the density of fuller, lustrous hair. Also, it prolongs the life cycle of hair.