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Anti hairfall redensyl shampoo

If you are one of them who is frustrated from hair fall problems, then you should give this amazing shampoo a try. Anti Hairfall Redensyl shampoo ensures the stoppage of excessive hair fall and stronger the hair follicles for the regrowth of the hair. It removes oil and grime buildup from the scalp, which is the primary factor in hair loss. Utilizing the shampoo three to four times each week will strengthen and improve the roots, hence lowering hair fall.

  v Benefits of Anti  Hair fall Redensyl shampoo

          Promotes hair growth- This shampoo regenerates hair follicles and cells present on the scalp and stimulates the hair growth phase, thus helping in hair growth.

         Minimizes hair loss- This shampoo reduces the telogen phase by 16.5% which means reducing hair fall. It also nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.

 Enhances hair density- It is effective in increasing hair density by re-growing the hair through stronger hair follicles. By using this shampoo on regular basis, your hair will become shinier, healthier, and lustrous.

v Additional information

Redensyl is enriched with pure plant extracts that reactivate the hair follicles which helps in restoring hair growth and makes hair stronger and thicker.
Procapil activates dormant hair follicle that helps in regrowing the hair. It nourishes the hair from top to end which promotes hair growth.

        Biotin increases the rate of follicle growth and boosts keratin production in hair. It regenerates the hair growth and makes hair lustrous, healthier, and voluminous.