Top Dermatologist Recommended Face Serum

Dermatologist Recommended Face Serum:- With the rising trend toward skincare, people are now really concerned to solve their skin issues. They want to really treat their skin issues instead of just hiding them with makeup. If you are one of them, amp up your skincare routine by using Skin recipe’s Dermatologist recommended face serum. Our serums are designed to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin within. The idea behind a serum is that greater concentrations of active molecules are able to reach the skin's surface for the best results. Also, because of the higher concentration, it often takes a shorter length of time to achieve visible results. In simpler words, serums contain powerful active ingredients that will target your skincare issues and give you desired results. 

What is Face Serums?

Face Serums are light, quickly absorbed solutions with an oil or water base that is applied to the skin. Only a few drops are required to treat your entire face, and they often come in compact bottles with droppers. Some serums have only one main ingredient whereas some serums target various skin issues due to the presence of several active ingredients in one bottle.
According to dermatology professor at Harvard Medical School Dr. Abigail Waldman, a skin serum is not a moisturizer like a lotion or cream. Instead, they are formulated with highly concentrated ingredients that are intended to absorb quickly into the skin and deliver an intense dose of ingredients that can treat common skin issues.

Types of Face Serums

Choosing a face serum is a tedious task as the market is now flooded with face serums. Skin Recipe is here to help you choose the right face serum for you as per your skin goals. So, first of all, recognize your skin issues and address them with the ingredients that target those problems. Make sure that you use face serum as per your skin type to get the benefits. Face serums by Skin Recipe are carefully designed to suit all skin types.

Generally, Face Serum are of 6 Types

Dermatologist Recommended Face Serum by Skin Recipe

Anti-aging serums:- 

This type of serum encourages skin renewal and collagen production to provide anti-aging benefits. The main active ingredients of anti-aging serums are Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, peptides, etc.
Firm and Lift Serum
0.5% Retinol serum
Multi-peptide face serum

Skin Brightening Serums:-

Skin Brightening Serums are loaded with antioxidants and pigment-fighting ingredients to brighten the skin tone. The main active ingredients of Skin brightening serums are Vitamin C, Kojic acid, Ferulic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Licorice Root, Lactic Acid, etc.
20% Vitamin C face serum
 Blemish and dark spot serum
2% Alpha Arbutin serum
Gluta face serum

Reparative or texture improvement serums:- 

Reparative or texture improvement serums are formulated to improve your skin texture and to provide you with the overall smooth appearance of your skin. They penetrate the deep layers of skin and reveal smoother, glowing skin with uniform texture and tone.
 2% Salicylic face serum
10% Niacinamide face serum
20% Vitamin C face serum

Hydrating serums:-

Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient found in hydrating serums. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind water to the skin's surface, giving your skin a fresher, dewier appearance. Additionally, it has the capacity to reduce the visibility of fine lines when used religiously. It plumps up the skin and hydrates the deep layers of the skin. The main active ingredients of hydrating serums are Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, etc.
Hyaluronic serum

Acne-prone and sensitive skin serums:- 

Special attention is required to treat acne-prone and sensitive skin conditions. Acne-prone and sensitive skin serums contain salicylic acid or a similar plant-based derivative and niacinamide which is a form of Vitamin B3 as the main active ingredient. They are soothing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory.
2% Salicylic face serum
10% Niacinamide face serum

Free-radical fighting serum:-

 Antioxidants are the hero ingredients to fight free radicals. Since we are exposed to pollution, dust, and smoke our skin gets damaged by free radicals and shows early signs of aging such as premature wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc, it is vital to add serums to your skincare that fights free radicals. The main active ingredients of Free-radical fighting serums are Vitamin C, A, and E.
 20% Vitamin C face serum
Green Tea Purifying serum

How to use a face serum?

Face Serums by Skin Recipe are formulated with care to be applied topically on the skin. You have to apply our face serums after properly cleansing your face. Face serums are lighter in viscosity and penetrate the active ingredients quickly into the skin. Thus, it should be the first thing that is to be applied to the skin after cleansing. It should be sealed with a moisturizer to ensure greater penetration of the serums. Remember to always apply a broad-spectrum Sunscreen with at least SPF 30+ to protect the skin as several active ingredients in the face serums may make the skin sensitive to UV.


Q. What face serum do dermatologists recommend?

Ans. These days, the market is overrun by serums. The best sort of serum to use for your skin might be confusing. Dermatologists prefer vitamin C-based serums because they promote the growth of collagen, lessen wrinkles, and protect the skin from UV damage. Skin Recipe offers the Best Dermatologist recommended Face serum. Try our vitamin c face serum.

Q. What is the best face serum for anti-aging?

Ans. Hyaluronic acid or vitamin C are two examples of concentrated active compounds found in serums. Many of these anti-aging serums are offered online, and some of them claim to be able to diminish wrinkles, dark spots, and dryness. Some products are ideal for delicate skin, vegan, or allergy-tested. Skin Recipe, Dermatologist Recommended Face serums for Dark Sports, anti-aging, and wrinkles.

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