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Sunscreen spf 60

As nowadays pollution has arisen to the great extent, and due to that UV radiation has become more harmful and dangerous. Sunscreens play a very important role in protecting our skin from these harmful rays and providing a smooth and supple screen. Skin recipe has designed Sunscreen Spf 60 to keep you away from the severe skin issues caused by harmful UV or UB rays such as sunburn, skin cancers, and so on.

   v Benefits of Sunscreen Spf 60 

Alleviates the Risk of Skin cancer- This sunscreen contains UV-absorbing organic sunscreen molecules as well as UV-absorbing, UV-scattering, and UV-reflecting inorganic pigments that help in reducing the risk of severe skin problems such as skin cancers.


Provides spotless free skin - This sunscreen prevents a condition in which skin becomes patchy and irregularly colored and also from a marbled appearance with various colors such as Red or purple marks, streaks, or spots.


Act as a protectant from sunburn - Sunburns are caused by UV radiation, which affects the skin in harmful ways such as it forms wrinkles, tanning, and skin damage and is the main cause of skin cancers. Thanks to the sunscreen that protects us from serious skin issues like sunburns.

Additional information

Triazine glycine soja is non-fragrant plant oil with multiple uses for skin. It is enriched with skin-smoothing emollient properties, that help cells regenerate and activate.

Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate forms a shield and protects the skin from bacteria and irritants which pass into deeper layers of the skin that causes acne, itchiness, and dryness.

Oryza Sativa boosts the skin's natural regeneration process and hydrates the skin. It also helps in retaining moisture and makes the skin even softer and smoother.