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Aha bha foaming face wash

Cleansing is the first and most important step in our skincare routine. Throughout the day, bacteria, toxins, and dirt are exposed to our skin. Washing the face regularly  removes these impurities, giving the skin a clean appearance. Using AHA- BHA Foaming face wash on daily basis clears up the skin and keeps it hydrated, soft & supple. It also stimulates blood flow and removes dead skin cells so that our skin glows naturally all day.

v Benefits of AHA- BHA Foaming face wash

Keeps the skin hydrated: This face wash helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin and removes the layer of dead skin cells so that the face looks super fresh and hydrated.

Speed up the cell turnover:This face wash exfoliates the skin deeply and removes the dead skin cells in the layers of the skin and makes the skin healthy looking and glowing.

Prevents acne and pimples: This face wash helps in regulating sebum production which results in unclogging pores and reducing inflammation that can trigger acne.

v Additional information

Mandelic acid controls the production of acne and skin breakouts. It is also helpful in removing dead skin cells and makes skin softer & smoother.

Glycolic acid smoothes wrinkles, removes dark patches and dark patches on the skin and keeps the skin away from sun damage, and gives healthy skin

Salicylic acid helps in shredding the uppermost layer with dead skin cells and prevents inflammation and speeds up healing of the pimples and breakouts.