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Sunscreen-Dt spf 50++

Due to the hectic work life, everybody is exposed to the sun all day and this leads to various skin problems such as tanning, sunburn, skin cancer, premature aging, and so on. Sunscreens play a vital role in protecting us from harmful UV rays and various skin issues. It acts as a shield on the surface of the skin and reflects UV rays from the skin. Skin recipe’s Sunscreen DT- 50 ++   is enriched with unique zinc formula that encourages the production of collagen and elastin, which can firm the skin and speed up healing. 

v  Benefits of Sunscreen DT- 50 ++   


Ø  Lowers the Risk of Skin cancer- This sunscreen contains UV-absorbing organic sunscreen molecules as well as UV-absorbing, UV-scattering, and UV-reflecting inorganic pigments that help in reducing the risk of severe skin problems such as skin cancers.


Ø  Prevents mottled skin and hyperpigmentation-   This sunscreen prevents a condition in which skin becomes patchy and irregularly colored and also from a marbled appearance with various colors such as Red or purple marks, streaks, or spots.


Ø  Act as a protectant from sunburn - Sunburns are caused by UV radiation, which affects the skin in harmful ways such as it forms wrinkles, tanning, and skin damage and is the main cause of skin cancers. Thanks to the sunscreen that protects us from serious skin issues like sunburns.

v  Additional information 

 Ø  Benzophenone-3 is generally used in sunscreens or lotions due to its high efficiency in absorbing and dispersing the harmful UV radiations from the sun. 


Ø  Micronized zinc is devoid of fragrance, paraben, and sulfates, that is enhanced with natural emollients for hydration and       provides instant protection against any type of sun damage.

Ø  Octocrylene absorbs specifically UVB radiation and short UVA wavelengths that helps in protecting the skin from serious skin issues such as premature aging, sunburns, skin cancer, and so on.